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Cocktail King is Australia’s largest and most recognised brand in the frozen cocktail industry. Operating since 2001, we successfully hire frozen cocktail machines also known as daiquiri machines and slushie machines to thousands of parties and events across Australia.  

We provide a sensational list of Cocktail and Slushie flavours that is continuously updated based on our loyal customer feedback. We can guarantee that our cocktail machines will be a smashing hit at your next party. We are committed to providing you quality delicious frozen cocktails with the most reliable cocktail machines at the best available price.

You can hire our frozen cocktail machines in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Canberra.

Which Daiquiri machine package is right for my party?

All cocktail machines are the same in terms of the capacity per bowl and the time it takes for the cocktail to freeze (around 1.5 hours).
Step 1 – Decide how many flavours
This will determine how many bowls you should order as each bowl can hold only one flavour. If you are after 2 flavours, you should get a double bowl daiquiri machine.
Step 2 – Decide quantity of drink serve
Each bowl holds enough mix to make about 60 drinks. A single cocktail machine will provide you with a total of 60 drinks, a double with 120 drinks and a triple with 180 drinks.
Step 3 – Decide if you need a refill round
If you need more drinks you can always order additional refills that will effectively double the amount of drinks per flavour. The general guideline is at least 2 drinks per guest, this is taking into account that some guest will not drink at all while others will have more than 2 drinks. For a party of about 50 guests you will probably need a double bowl cocktail machine while for a party of 80 guests a triple bowl cocktail machine.

ALL our packages include...

  • Our sensational famous cocktail mixes. You choose your favourite flavours
  • Free regular plastic cups and straws. Martini glasses available for a fee
  • Free set up and demonstration of how to operate the machine
  • A detailed instruction sheet is left behind including a support phone number
  • Free pickup and clean of the machines
  • The best cocktail/slushie machines, regularly serviced by qualified technicians

Choose the package that best suits your party.

Starting as low as $135

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