About Us

Whether you are planning a backyard party or a corporate function, we have the experience and knowledge to create the perfect event. View our range of products to see what would suit your event from our frozen cocktail machines, slush machines, delicious chocolate fountains, marquees, freestyle tents, party lights, sound systems, karaoke, outdoor heaters, tables, chairs, party games and so much more!!! Located in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Canberra, we can assist with all your needs.

Providing cocktail machines to parties and events across Australia for over 10 years, we can truly say that we are the Kings of Cocktails. To ensure reliable operation, we hold only the best brands of cocktail machines. All our cocktail machines are made in Italy since they have literally invented the granita machine industry. Our own frozen cocktail mixes have become legendary and our famous real fruit Strawberry Daiquiri should not be missed. For the full range of our frozen cocktail mixes check out our flavour list.

Have a great party!

Enjoy, The Cocktail King team


Frozen Drinks History

Slushie, Daiquiri, Margarita, Granita, Frozen Cocktail... whatever you call it, drinks made from shaved ice are supposed to have a romantic history. It is said that in Ancient Greece, the Olympians could run fast enough to fetch mountain snow and deliver it to Athenian cooks before it melted. Those cooks won royal kudos by flavouring the snow with fresh fruit, and other tasty things. Presto, the first frozen drink was born.

The term 'slushie,' that is now commonly used, hardly pays tribute to these wonderful stories, but when we hire out frozen drink machines, we try to offer the best taste possible and of course provide a tool that allows you to party like the ancient royals. The 'kudos' may no longer go to the athletes or cooks... now it goes to the person providing a frozen cocktail on tap at a party or event.

The person who hires the machine for a party - is King -- the Cocktail King!