Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)





Where do you deliver to?

You can hire our frozen cocktail machines in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Canberra. We deliver to a radius of approximately 100Km of the CBD of each of our main city locations. Our normal delivery time is Monday – Friday between 9:00am-4:00pm. However, we can accommodate for weekend delivery as well as early and late delivery times for a small additional fee.

Contact Us if you require a delivery or pickup, which is outside our normal delivery time.

What do I need to do on delivery?

Our friendly team member will set up the machine on a sturdy table (you need to provide) and show you exactly how to operate the machine including mixing your own alcohol as required.  They will also leave you with a detailed instruction sheet so that anyone at the party, on your behalf, would be able to operate and refill the machine as needed.

Contact Us to find out what the delivery cost will be for your party.



Do I need to pay a deposit? 

In order to reserve the cocktail machine you choose for your party date, we require a 50% non-refundable deposit. For example, if you book our $235.00 package, you will need to pay $117.50 on booking. The balance of your payment is required 7 days before your party date. The deposit is required to guarantee that you will receive the machine for your party! 

How can I pay?

By Credit Card

We accept all the major credit cards including Visa and  Mastercard as well as direct debit cards and EFTPOS. There is no surcharge on any of the cards.

By Bank Transfer

You can pay by an Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) directly to our bank account at

Account name: Cocktail King, BSB: 082 451 Account Number: 167506249

Please send us an email to notify us of your payment once arranged.

By Cheque

You can post us a bank or personal cheque as a payment for your order. Your booking will be confirmed, once your cheque is cleared. Your cheque must be received at least 7 days prior to your hire date. No personal cheques will be accepted on delivery. Please post cheques to: Cocktail King, PO Box 123 Vaucluse NSW 2030

Do I receive an invoice for my order?

You will always receive a Tax Invoice with the delivery of your order. If you require an invoice before hand, please let us know and we will email you once your booking is made.


Machine Set-up

How long does it take to freeze?

It normally takes around an hour and a half to two hours for the slushy/cocktail to freeze depending on the outside temperature. It is normal for one side to freeze before the other as the compressor in the machine focuses on one side at a time.

How much booze is required?

We recommend 1 standard 700ml spirit bottle per 5 litres of cocktails prepared. This will provide cocktails with about 5.2% alcohol content. If you add more alcohol the cocktail may not freeze properly as alcohol doesn’t freeze.

How many litres does each side hold?

Each bowl contains 10 litres of slushy/cocktail or 12 litres once frozen (20% expansion). So a twin bowl machine can hold 20 litres at a time. If you get a 40 litres package, all you need to do is top up the machine as the party goes on.

How do I add more slushy/cocktail?

Lift the light box on the top of the machine and pour the ready slushy/cocktail straight in. Keep topping it up during the party. Don’t wait until the bowl is empty because it will take another hour for the slushy/cocktail to freeze again.

How many drinks does 20 litres make?

If you use a standard 200ml cup you will able to make about 120 drinks (this includes 20% expansion in the frozen slushy/cocktail)

What power outlet is needed for the machine?

The machine requires a standard power outlet. As the machine draws substantial amount of power, you should avoid connecting it to power boards but rather have it connected straight to a power point.

Can I make my own frozen cocktails?

No. Our cocktail mixes are created specifically for frozen cocktail machines and therefore contains the correct sugar consistency that allows the mix to freeze properly and turn into slushy. If you add your own ingredients, you are risking blocking the tap as well as generating ice that will break the turning spiral.

Is ice required?

No. The machine freezes the slushy/cocktail itself. If you add ice it will break the turning pedal and you will be liable for the replacement cost.

Can the machine be placed outdoors?

Yes, but will need to be always in the shade. The machine must not be exposed to direct sun light. Direct sunlight will melt the light box covers on top of the machine as well as prevent the slushy/cocktail from properly freezing up.

Where can the machine be placed?

The cocktail machine must be placed on top of a sturdy table, as it is over 80Kg when full with the slushie/cocktail.

Do I need to wash the machine?

We take the machine apart and wash it thoroughly. However, you should just run fresh water through the bowls to get rid of leftover mix.


Machine Specifications

All our Cocktail machines are imported directly from Italy, offering the latest technology with guaranteed performance. They are regularly serviced and maintained to ensure the utmost reliability.

Below are some of the reasons why they are the best available machines:

Fast Freeze

Fast freeze technology. That means your frozen cocktail and slushie will be ready 35% faster than competitor machines. On average, the cocktail machine will turn the cocktail mix from liquid to a frozen mix in one hour. On a warm day it may take an additional 30 minutes. However, if you refill your machine, when it is still half way full, it will be ready again to serve in only 15 minutes. 

Large capacity

Large capacity (12 litre per bowl) - Our frozen cocktail machines offer the largest capacity bowls meaning that you get more drinks out of every machine you use.

We carry 3 sizes of cocktail machines. A single bowl, a twin bowl and a triple bowl machine. Each bowl can hold up to 12 litres and provides about 60 standard drinks of 200ml.

Cleanliness and Hygiene

Stainless Steel Body – All our machines have stainless still body, which allows for a high level of hygiene. Between each hire, we take the machine apart and thoroughly clean and sanitise all its components to ensure the highest level of hygiene.

Easy to Use

Upon delivery, we set up the machine for you so all you need to do once the mix has been added, is turn on the power switch.

Power Consumption

Single Bowl:   450W (may draw up to 650W when first turned on)
Double Bowl:  800W (may draw up to 1000W when first turned on)
Triple Bowl:    1200W (may draw up to 1400W when first turned on)

Dimensions and Weight

Single Bowl:   27W x 48D x 82H (cm), 29kg empty, 41 kg when filled
Double Bowl:  40W x 48D x 82H (cm), 52kg empty, 76 kg when filled
Triple Bowl:    60W x 48D x 82H (cm), 70kg empty, 106kg when filled